Since 2013 we have worked on a great variety of assignments for influential worldwide brands and successful local businesses. 

Our client list includes:

International Companies & Agencies

Nike, Porsche (Jack Morton), Pepsi, Push Festival, Chivas (K2 Asia), Cartier (Twist of Parti Pris), Sprite (BBH), Longines (Twist of Parti Pris), Adidas (Amber Communication), H&M (Twist of Parti Pris), Diesel (K2 Asia), C&A (Twist of Parti Pris), Tiffany's, Heineken (Vice Media), Coca Cola (BBH), Thyssenkrupp, Louboutin (Twist of Parti Pris), Lanvin (Twist of Parti Pris), Havana (K2 Asia), Dior (Bureau Betak)...

Local Businesses

Rachel's (Shanghai), WIYF (Shanghai), Chop Chop Club (Shanghai), RAC (Shanghai)...