Artist collaborations are a great part of our work.
For commercial campaigns or artwork commissions,

  • we advise on the direction,

  • we manage the projects supporting the clients/creative teams and the artists with each step of the process,

  • we guarantee the quality of the final works.


A few of the artists we were lucky to collaborate with:

Demsky J (Spain), Studio Burn & Broad (NYC), Karan Singh (Australia), Jonathan Castro (Peru), Lu Xinjian (China), CMYKA (Philippines), Gian Galang (USA), Young Jerks (USA), Wes L. Cockx (Belgium), Sheryo & The Yok (USA), Allister Lee (Canada), Yoon Hyup (USA), La Boca (UK), Yeah Yeah Chloe (Australia), Mark Goss (Nederlands), Monkey Ben (China), Charlotte Smith (France), ShurAn (China), Fei Tu Fei (China), Kris Ho (Hong Kong), Reach (Taiwan), Satr (China), Kiddy (China), Jarrod Bryan (USA), Creepy Mouse (Taiwan), Studio Muti (South Africa), Supersonic (China)...