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Creme was founded in early 2016 as a way to promote other artists's work and offer our customers more options in terms of style and capabilities.
As a small studio, we believe in the power of collaboration and think that joining force with other talented people will all make us stronger.




  • Help customers find the best visual artists or illustrators for their projects, using our experience, our expertise and our network.
  • Help artists collaborate with clients in the smoothest, most efficient and rewarding way.




To Customers

  • We provide consulting on the artistic and/or the creative direction for any illustration, visual project or artist's commercial collaborations projects;
  • We search and select a (shortlist of) right visual artist(s) for the job;
  • We manage the projects regarding budget, timeline and guarantee the quality of the final work.

To Artists

  • Unlike many agencies, we don't bind artists with an exclusive representation.
    Instead we offer them to be part of our dynamic, constantly evolving and eclectic network, so we can keep them aware of suitable project opportunities & promote their work through interviews and articles. 



We collaborate with talented visual artists in these disciplines:

  • illustration,
  • Animation,
  • 3D illustration & effect,
  • Virtual reality design,
  • Mural painting, 
  • Knitting art,
  • Art perfomance.



Contact us to know more about our work with Creme or check Creme's editorial website at!

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