Who is Daybreak 黎明?

I'm a designer and Illustrator, I'm from Guangzhou.


Can you tell us about how you started ?

I started to learn painting from the age of 5 years. After graduating from Academy of Fine Arts, has been engaged in the work of illustration.


You work is a mix of Chinese and Japanese styles, Can you explain us a bit better why?

Japanese culture has a great influence on Chinese people in the 80s, and also on me. But I have traditional Chinese painting 's education. I have then created my own style with a mix of those two cultures.


 How do you usually start an illustration, and what is your process?

Usually communicate with customers, draft, line, color and finish.


I think i first saw your work on the Jiukoushan’s note books, it was 5-6 years ago, And i didn’t know it was you at that time. Can you tell us about this collaboration?

At that time, they were just starting the brand, and they were looking for an illustrator to collaborate on an environmental theme, We started working together through friends,and after this cooperation, we also became good friends.


What is your best project so far, the most exciting or the most memorable for you?

Maybe Jiukoushan, Because it makes more people know me.


You also run a Toy company, can you tell us a bit more about it?

Our toy company was founded last year name Saibooku22. The main thing is to design our own toys. The first product is called Ghozilla, is expected to launch in July.

Can you describe your typical work day?

Usually draw all day...


For your career, what’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Maybe...Perseverance prevails.


How do you see the Chinese illustration Scene?

Now Chinese illustration industry is thriving, with the Internet, designers around the world can communicate with each other, which also makes the Chinese level to improve a lot.


What kind of projects are you most interested in?and who would you like to work with (as a client).

Different projects have different challenges, so all project is interesting for me.


What should we wish you for the future?

In the future I will focus on my product development.