Who is Yeah Yeah Chloe ?

Some dork in Australia that eats, sleeps and occasionally draws a picture.


How would you describe the freshness of your work ?

Its quite juvenile. I don’t know if thats what makes it fresh but I think thats what kind of defines my works. Simple lines, flat colours, weird images. 


Your work seems simple, but there’s always a second layer to read, is it on purpose ?

Sometimes. Sometimes when I create an image its based on a deep conceptual idea, other times it can just be the exploration of an idle curiosity.


You were doing a show in Hongkong, (your first one if i m right), Can you tell us about it ?

Yeah - it was a lot of fun! JPlus is a boutique hotel in Causeway Bay and they host pop up exhibitions of artists in the lobby. They approached me to collaborate and before I knew it I was flying over to Hong Kong opening my first show. It was a great opportunity to mark my move from the digital back into the physical art realm.


You now paint and do digital illustrations, which medium do you prefer ?

I love the tactility of paint, my background is in sculpture and I enjoy getting back into the more ‘hands on’ aspect of creating an original artwork. But in saying that, I do love the instant satisfaction that comes with creating a digital work - I love how clean the final product is. 


What is your creative process ?

I usually create drawn sketches on paper. If I like an image enough I’ll digitalise it using a tablet and colour it on the computer. When I am creating a painting it always come from a digital image I have made up. I then work with a lot of masking tape to create clean lines and flat colours. I like to play with creating a painting that is clean and flat but doesn’t loose the originality. I like trying to mimc the digital qualities of my images in my paintings without loosing all the hand painted qualities of an original artwork.


Do you have any other hobby ?

To be honest my hobbies are kind of seasonal. At the moment I am trying to learn the choreography to Dope by BTS.


Where can we see your work or buy your artworks?

Instagram is the best place to keep up to date with my works and what I am doing….if you want to buy an artwork just slide into my DM’s ;)



What should we wish you for the future? (What do you wish for your future?)

More gallery shows - creating physical artworks. I definitely want to keep on pushing my practice - not only in painting but moving into possibly sculpture among other things. I really enjoy collaborating with other people/artists/brands so hopefully more of that in the future also!