Royalclub is a creative studio founded by couple Clemence & Ken - also known as artist KEFLIONE.

Originally from France, they met about 10 years ago through their love for street art & joined forces in 2013 to create Royalclub Studio.

Since then, they've worked on a great variety of art & design assignments in collaboration with international companies, advertising & event agencies and local businesses.

Since 2017 the team has partnered with BLOC in order to promote different artists's works and offer existing and new customers more options in terms of style and capabilities.
In the past year, together they've worked on numerous artistic collaborations from local events and projects to national campaigns.

What makes Royalclub stand out in the creative world is our ability to work across a wide range of projects and our faculty to handle both digital and traditional media while bringing our unique aesthetics, skills & values to make, or help make, well-thought, meaningful and of course beautiful content for our customers.


What we can do for you

We're an independent studio with great capabilities:
our flexibility and our network are our best assets.

• Creative Direction

• Art Direction

• Illustration

• Installation

• Art Performance

• Murals

• Production

• Animation

• 3D Illustration & Effects

• Branding/Identity

• Typography

• Graphic Design

• Spatial Design

• Digital Content

• VR Content


International Companies & Agencies

2013 - Dior (Bureau Betak), Coca Cola, Sprite, Fanta (BBH)
2014 - Thyssenkrupp, Longines (Twist of Parti Pris), Heineken (Vice Media), Sprite (BBH)
2015 - Sprite (BBH), Chivas (K2 Asia), Louboutin (Twist of Parti Pris), Lanvin (Twist of Parti Pris), Havana (K2 Asia), Longines (Twist of Parti Pris), Tiffany's, Thyssenkrupp
2016 - Nike (W+K & Bloc Production), H&M (Twist of Parti Pris), C&A (Twist of Parti Pris), Adidas (Amber Communication), Diesel (K2 Asia), Thyssenkrupp, Chivas (K2 Asia), Cartier (Twist of Parti Pris)
2017 - Nike, Porsche (Jack Morton), Pepsi, Push Festival
2018 - Nike

Local Businesses

2014 - Fumo (Shanghai)
2015  - UVA (Shanghai)
2016 - Rachel's (Shanghai), WIYF (Shanghai)
2017 - Chop Chop Club (Shanghai), Chachara (Bali), RAC (Shanghai)