Royalclub was founded by creative couple Clemence & Ken - also known as artist KEFLIONE.
Originally from France, they met about 10 years ago through their love for street art & joined forces in 2013.

Since then, they've worked on a great variety of art & design assignments in collaboration with international companies, advertising & event agencies and local businesses.

What makes Royalclub unique is the team's ability to work across a wide range of projects and its faculty to handle both digital and traditional media, while bringing a global and strategic vision, to create well-thought, meaningful and of course beautiful content for its customers.



What we can do for you


• Creative Direction

• Art Direction

• Art Performance

• Installation

• Spatial Design

• VR Content

• Typography

• Murals

• Branding/ Identity

• Digital Content

• Graphic Design




International Companies & Agencies

2013 - Dior (Bureau Betak), Coca Cola, Sprite, Fanta (BBH)
2014 - Thyssenkrupp, Longines (Twist of Parti Pris), Heineken (Vice Media), Sprite (BBH)
2015 - Sprite (BBH), Chivas (K2 Asia), Louboutin (Twist of Parti Pris), Lanvin (Twist of Parti Pris), Havana (K2 Asia), Longines (Twist of Parti Pris), Tiffany's, Thyssenkrupp
2016 - Nike (W+K & Bloc Production), H&M (Twist of Parti Pris), C&A (Twist of Parti Pris), Adidas (Amber Communication), Diesel (K2 Asia), Thyssenkrupp, Chivas (K2 Asia), Cartier (Twist of Parti Pris)

Local Businesses

Fumo, Uva, Rachel's, WIYF, Chop Chop Club, Farine...